Business Spotlight: West Coast Personal Training Studio

Meet Skyler Woodworth, owner and trainer at North PB's West Coast Personal Training Studio, aka "The Thunderdome."

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Skyler's lived and worked in PB for the past 11 years and promises to never, ever leave.

What does your business specialize in?
Private personal training and small group training

When did your business open?
The business opened in 2012 and has been growing every since. I started off as a mobile/outdoor trainer, but felt I wasn't offering my clients as much as I could. After a relocation and expansion, the business is currently thriving and clients are reaping the benefits!

What distinguishes West Coast Personal Training from other local gyms?
Though there are many fitness forums, at West Coast Personal Training you truly have the gym to yourself. We offer private personal training totally customized to your every need. Our studio is professional, clean, and welcoming, and our clients have the whole place to themselves. Everything is customized--from the workout to the choice of music!

How do you spend your time when you're not working?
I like playing and talking sports, being outside, and hanging out with my cat, Wilma-Suh. And I've never turned down a game of catch.

What are a few of your favorite PB businesses?
Tower 23: it's got a great feel right on the water.
Alta Marea: the best Italian food in a real mom-n-pop setting.
Poke Chop: It's just unreal. Quick, healthy, good portions, delicious.
Baked Bear: Same as above, minus healthy.
Cotijas: Hash brown burrito!


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