Spotlight: Where You Want To Be Tours

There's a hidden side to San Diego that even many natives don't even know about. Fortunately, a Pacific Beach couple has made it their mission to uncover our city's secret gems and share them with the world. Meet Darlynne and Marc Menkin, East Coast transplants who moved to PB in 1998 and have operated Where You Want To Be Tours since 2003.

In March 2015, Where You Want To Be Tours merged with Out of the Ordinary. Out of the Ordinary has offered unique and fun team building programs to local companies and visiting corporate groups since 1996.

What does your business specialize in?
We specialize in unique team-building programs and custom tours to hidden spots. Our adventures are unique, one-of-a-kind experiences that can't be duplicated because they're personality driven and come from the heart. Our signature programs include our Urban Challenge Scavenger Hunts, Team Cooking Challenge, Charity Bikes Builds, Coastal Bike Rides, and Food Tours.

What distinguishes Where You Want To Be Tours from other touring companies?
All of our activities are conducted by professional team facilitators and emphasize fun, teamwork, and camaraderie. Our vision is to uplift, encourage, and take people to a better place. Our tours also show you "Hidden San Diego."

What are some of your newest adventures or activities?
We are adding more aspects of nutrition and fitness to what we do. We've always been about walking and biking, and not just sticking people on a bus or in a boat. Our popular Team-Cooking Challenge for corporate groups now has a nutrition component, too, and we recently launched a Juicing/Smoothie Showdown. Our Foodie Scavenger Hunt features healthy snacks and food tasting, and we even have a Cool Cocktail team-building event that features drinks with less sugar. We are now talking to a lot of local companies about unique and fun holiday parties, like a Murder Mystery or a big-give Minute to Win It game show or Scavenger Hunt. Here are two links that show some of our more popular programs - Out of the Ordinary and Where You Want To Be Tours, Inc.

What do you like to do when you're not working?
Biking and walking the boardwalk and bay; it's a slice of paradise we never get tired of. Films! PB needs a movie theater! And trying new restaurants, coffee shops, and wine bars. Happy Hour at JRDN, The Grass Skirt or the Catamaran Hotel.

What are some of your favorite PB businesses?
The PB Water Store is like a time travel back to the mom-and-pop business scene; Discover Pacific Beach keeps bringing us excellent events like BeachFest and the restaurant walks.


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